Crépuscule jurassien


“Jurassic Twilight”

Oil and acrylic on canvas, framed size 13.5 x 11.25″. Signed lower right.

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About the Artist:

The work of French painter Gilles Chapuset is inextricably linked to the lush mountains, dark valleys, streams, and dense forest of his native Franche-Comté. Vegetation, rock, water, and light are transformed in his painting into powerful abstract landscapes of color and form that communicate at the same time an essence of the original landscape and the artist’s emotional encounter with it. Gilles Chapuset invites us into an interior world of infinitesimal detail in both color and brushwork, leading us to a space of quiet meditation.

Chapuset says of his art that he “tries to express landscapes of interior worlds and those that resurface through memory during the act of painting”.

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Dimensions 20 × 16 cm