Leo Kogan

“In the work of Leo Kogan everything is in motion and at the same time everything stands still. Lights flicker, dials spin wildly, motors roar and speakers are pounding. Everything we see has made a journey, it has a source and a goal and at the same time everything is immediately present. Our senses are alarmed, the eye becomes alert: do not rest assured because change is everywhere. When motion is not motion perception confronts itself. We are looking because something is moving, but also because we are looking something is moving. The outlook shifts, what used to be a reflex or an instinct becomes a choice, one choice after another. The hands love the change, the eyes are in control.”

– Martine van Kampen (Vinken en Van Kampen)

Leo Kogan studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Cooper Union for Science and Art in New York City. He has exhibited and curated in Russia, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Japan and Chicago. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Website: http://leokogan.com/