Leo Kogan

In the work of Leo Kogan everything is in motion and at the same time everything stands still. Lights flicker, dials spin wildly, motors roar and speakers are pounding. Everything we see has made a journey, it has a source and a goal and at the same time everything is immediately present.

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Emily Rapport

Inspired by the urban landscape of Chicago, I paint vacant lots, El tracks, neighborhood houses, fast food restaurants, and construction sites. These ordinary scenes share a strong sense of locality but also belong to a larger American landscape and culture.

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Andrew Steiner

For me, the experience of being alone in a crowd is quintessential to modern life. We all struggle to find both a connection with others (and ourselves) and to protect our idea of who we are in the world. In my work, I am documenting moments of connection – where we let our guard down, our minds wander, revealing a fragment of our inner life and humanity.

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