Decorate our Windows

Gallery Windows

Eat Paint Studio would like to invite you to decorate our windows this holiday season!

We want to show our appreciation for our neighbors and to consider how art draws a community closer.

The exhibition will be on view Dec 7, 2020 through Jan 1, 2021. There is no fee to participate.

In search of inspiration?

  • Support a Local Business by drawing their portrait!
  • If your friends were super-heroes, who would they be? Draw a group portrait!
  • Draw a self-portrait as your favorite animal!
  • Anything you like!

All work will be for sale and proceeds will be donated to local nonprofits. Choose who you would like to support using the form below under “Get Started”.

How to Participate:

Work will be exhibited in our windows through December. We will be hanging work with discreet clips and clear hanging wire. Work will not be framed. It must be on paper and no larger that 9×12″.

  • All work must be on paper either 9×12″ or 8.5 x 11″.
    • Pick-up Paper at the Gallery: Fancy gilt-framed paper can be picked up at the gallery on Friday and Saturday, noon to 5pm. You’ll also get some gallery swag. Or…
    • Use your own paper: Paper must be 9×12″ or 8.5 x 11″. Keep in mind, these will hang in a window so if you don’t want transparency, use thicker paper.
  • Any drawing/painting/collage materials, any style. We prefer to display handmade works vs digital prints but you are welcome to submit a digital print if that suits your work better.
  • All skill-levels welcome.
  • Write your FULL NAME, EMAIL and TITLE OF WORK on all submissions so that we can give you credit on our website and in the gallery.
  • All work will be for sale on our website. All proceeds (save shipping costs if any) will benefit a selection of local nonprofits (you choose who you want your work to benefit).
  • If your work does not sell, you can pick it up at the gallery in January or request that we snail-mail it back. We are unable to store work and we will contact you January 2 to confirm pick-up or delivery.

Get Started:

  1. Complete the form below to register your intent to participate OR download this form and return in person with your artwork.
  2. Choose a nonprofit you’d like to support (if your work is sold, proceeds will benefit the organization of your choice).
  3. Return your work to Eat Paint Studio by December 5, 2020, 5PM. You can bring your work in person, Friday or Saturday, noon to 5pm, or send by snail-mail.

About the nonprofits we’re supporting:

Selected nonprofits are local to Chicago. We know there are many deserving charities in the city, these are the few that we’ve opted to support – most are in the neighborhood:

  • Ravenswood Community Services – Ravenswood Community Services (RCS) provides meals, groceries, basic health services, and life-skills education to neighbors in need in the Uptown and Ravenswood communities on the north side of Chicago.
  • Touched by an Animal – Touched By An Animal helps the elderly and others with companion animals who may need assistance in the form of food and litter donations, vet care expenses, and boarding.
  • Threshholds – Thresholds helps people living with mental illnesses and substance use disorders, providing advocacy and opportunities for housing, employment, and recovery
  • Gateway to Learning – Gateway to Learning’s mission is to provide lifelong learning for adults with intellectual challenges and developmental disabilities that promotes active inclusion at home, at work, and in the community.
  • Montrose Metra Community Garden – a group of Chicago neighbors with a mission is to create vibrant, green community spaces that connect neighbors and fosters a healthy, sustainable environment for all.
  • Community Kitchen Chicago – The Community Kitchen is a food service program providing complementary box lunches to in-need residents, families and workers in Chicago.

We hope you are able to participate and we look forward to seeing your work! If you have any questions, please contact Emily here.

Call for art is now closed. Stop by to see the show!

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