Oil painting of Ravenswood building site.
Ravenswood Loft Office Space Available, oil on canvas, 26 x 30″ by Emily Rapport

Emily Rapport

Inspired by the urban landscape of Chicago, I paint vacant lots, El tracks, neighborhood houses, fast food restaurants, and construction sites. These ordinary scenes share a strong sense of locality but also belong to a larger American landscape and culture.

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Two Moons, 40 x 28″, oil on linen, by Leo Kogan

Leo Kogan

Animals, fascists, hipsters, aliens, primordial ooze and other characters are repeating motifs in Leo’s surreal, psychedelic and philosophical paintings and drawings.

Leo Kogan He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

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Late afternoon shadows, black + white archival inkjet print by Andrew Steiner

Andrew Steiner

A self-taught photographer, Andrew learned his craft from his father and through avid reading and study of photographers like Andre Kertesz, Robert Frank, Bruce Davidson, and others. About his own work Andrew says, “I try not to approach my subjects with preconceived ideas of what I will see. I let the moment tell the story.”

Work by Andrew is available for purchase here.

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